How It All Began!

Click the video below to discover the "Heart" in Heart & Oak.

Well Hey! I’m Sarah. I am admittedly a total dork but I’m ok with it! If you stick around me long enough, you will probably see me singing and dancing with my kids, my husband and I quoting our favorite tv shows and movies to each other and me inevitably making something for or rearranging some room in our house! And as you might assume, that is where Heart & Oak got its beginning. Named after my love for creating and the old Oak tree beside my Dad’s workshop that I played under as a kid, Heart & Oak is my Mommy time and creative outlet.  

I grew up in a hundred year old colonial house in the small Southern town of Burlington, NC and have loved vintage for as long as I remember.  But as I have gotten older, the history of things has really sunk into my soul. The thought of the lives lived around vintage and found items gets me all giddy!!! That I am touching and using things used years and years ago makes me feel connected to the times when things were slower and more simple. It calms me and I love it!!

I love using things in different ways or adding my personal touch to something. That concept of seeing something in my head and then making it happen...I dig it!!

With Heart & Oak I hope that these items find a happy place in your home and you find as much joy in using them as I did making them.  

The barn below is where I started to do my first pickin for our vintage decor wreaths.  Read further for the details:

When I visited this old farm to do some pickin’ it was literally what my dreams were made of!! This majestic old barn just stood there waiting to tell its tales!! The owner told me of haystack jumping and loft swinging that would make anyone want to relive their childhood there!! Three generations had grown up on this farm with no plans of going anywhere any time soon and hearing all the stories just made my heart happy!! Some of my products came from this farm so if they go home with you, you will have part of those stories too!!